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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> in just the last 30 minutes dozens of republican senators met with president trump at the white house about the gop plan. this just hours after the republican leaders decided to postpone a vote on the bill until after the july 4th total holiday. >> reporter: a major reversal. >> we are delaying the process to close the issues. >> mitch mcconnell says there is not going be a vote on health care before july 4th. >> we are not on the bill this week but working toward getting at least 50 people in a comfortable place. >> just before the republican leadership was insisting that the senate bill would go forward. the white house launched a full-court press and president trump meeting privately with a vocal critic senator rand paul. and inviting all local snashts to huddle at the white house to
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talk about their concerns. >> we'll talk and see what we can do. but for the country we have to have health care, we can't have obama care which is melting down. >> but with the office saying it will make 22 million americans without insurance. democrats meanwhile have been united about the health care bill. >> this is not a bill of paper and pencil and abstract numbers, these are real people. >> this is not the end of the line for the republican bill. mcconnell plans to make edits and bring it back after independence day. >> you may have noticed that some of the senators sitting closest to the president were some of the major critics of the bill perhaps something to look into as they try to chart their path forward but fundamentally the question is this. will they choose to align
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themselves with moderate members like susan collins working together with democrats to fix obama care or align themselves with more conservative members like rand paul. back to you. >> thank you. new at 5:tonight a worker's dispute caused dozens of construction employees to walk off the job today in the middle of what is a busy summer season. vernon odom is live in center city with details. >> reporter: good afternoon monica, it could have been hundreds off the job today at local construction sites today you can feel the ripple affect of a major union walking off the job and going on strike hoping to get a resumption of contract talks. all of philadelphia in the metro area a major work stoppage is slowing down construction work at 20 sites, the international union of operating engineers local 542 that represents crane
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and elevator operators went on strike today. as their stalemate with the builders association continues. the contract expired may 1st. among them affected the new comcast tower under construction now and expansion at childrens hospital. there are issues for the skilled workers that make a minimum of $42 to $48 an hour. >> they want to renegotiate that is not why we are there. the union says this is their first strike in 25 years, it has contractors losing big money every time they slow down or shout down. all involved are losing big money. >> we believe that people should be fairly compensateded for the work they do but at the same time it's our responsibility and the partners in the union and contractors responsibility to make sure we safe guard the market and that means staying
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competitive and removing wasteful items from agreements. >> brian, as of our air time tonight no new contract negotiations have been scheduled. live in center city, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. this is day six of the corruption trial against philadelphia da seth williams. today bar owner michael weis continued his testimony and weis says he bribed williams with lavish gifts so the da would help him with a lock liquor license problem in california. >> and bill cosby is set to stand trial in california next year for allegedly assaulting a teenage girl in the at playboy mansion. it's tentatively set for july of
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2018. after the deadlock the spokesperson announced a speaking tour and a lawyer for cosby says that she does not think the tour will happen. >> the family of a woman killed in last year's new jersey transit train crash has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. she died last september after a train slammed into hoboken terminal and the engineer suffered from sleep apnea. a two crew member requirement has since been put into place and they blame the agency for not implementing safety improvements and failing to screen employees for medical issues. philadelphia police are on the search for a killer after a teenage boy was gunned down rounding for his life. the 18-year-old was killed running down marshall street and made it to his family's home
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before collapsing. >> reporter: the morning after an overnight shootout left a teen dead and the streets be nearby park in this south philadelphia neighborhood, were eerily quiet and mostly empty. >> people walking nearby and going nowhere and now nobody it's really quiet. >> the third district police officers responded to a shooting along the 2300 block of marshall street. >> ten shots there on marshall street. we didn't know if shots or fireworks and we came out and no one was outside. >> it's not fair. it's usually unusual for that to happen around this area. >> they found an 18-year-old with a gunshot wound to his back. the victim's brother tells "action news" his brother was outside of the home with a friend when the shots rang out more than a dozen of them. >> think maybe because of violence in the neighborhood.
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and a lot of crime. >> and immediate aftermath when the bloody victim stumbled into the home and the victim's mother and siblings were too distraught to go on camera. >> police investigated the scan found 15 shell cases and blood in the property where the victim ran into it and projectile outside of the house. >> police transported the 18-year-old to jefferson hospital where he was listed in critical condition and later pronounced dead at 1:00 a.m. police interviewed two witnesses overnight including the victim's brother. and no motive is identified eefrnl. anyone with information is asked to can't police. reporting at police headquarters, channel 6 "action news." we are learning new details about this weekend's deadly fire in chester county, flames broke out early at a home here at the
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unit block of buck walter road. a little 9-year-old boy was found inside. according to the coroners report the child died of smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. it is time for a check of the "action news" traffic report tonight. >> tuesday night lets go to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> hi guys, several traffic troubles for the trip home including an earlier crash on the ben franklin bridge heading into new jersey long gone causing extra big delays to fall back on the vine street expressway eastbound side a parking lot coming off the schuylkill to 95 and a reminder again at 9:00 the vine will close in both directions you know why, it's overnight construction going on there. meanwhile a crash in chalfont bucks county a couple of vehicles into each other we had two ambulances here. butler avenue and bristol road.
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and in brookhaven delco, a crash involving a vehicle into a pole along 352 near mill road and stick with 452 to get around that. and a pole on fire in mount laurel and elbo lane is blocked off. church road is an alternate there. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> sounds good. thank you. more to come on "action news" at 5:00. strong words from the white house to the syrian government. why the trump administration says that the people of syria are in danger and the harsh warning to bashar al assad. >> and the use for military technology, used to see through piles of rubble and now used by doctors to keep heart failure patients out of the hospital. a few spotty showers and now
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developing now in alabama authorities are trying to figure
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out what sparked a lockdown at the military post at huntsville. they were advised to run, hide or fight. two hours later an all clear was there. the post was gearing up for an active shooter drill when the alert sounded. and developing a new cyber attack is causing worldwide disruption affecting companies in the ukraine, denmark, the uk. and one local company targeted. consumer reporter nydia han has it's details. >> we heard from new jersey based merck and now an ploy from a second local company based in malvern that it is affected by a cyber attack and without a doubt many more u.s. companies and even home users will be
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impacted. it's called petya the ransom attack. it tricks users into downloading malicious software on their computers. your computer becomes infected. they remain locked out of their devices until a bit coin ransom is paid. and merck has been hit by an attack. it tweeted we confirm our company's computer network was compromised as part of global hack. researchers says there is no kill switch that would limit the attack and while drexel university says that the virus is now spreading on its own. >> in a lot of cases you either clicked the link or open an attachment. >> what we see today is a self propagating piece of malware,
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meaning if you connect your computer to a network impacted you will be affected. disconnect your computers and i'm pads from the network to minimize further spread of the attack. >> this is what all home users and companies need to do. >> make sure your anti-virus is up to date and the software is up to date and the operating system is up to date. >> the video says that criminals keep using ransom wear is effective because we leave our severals vulnerable. meantime the fbi and department of homeland security is investigating the latest attack. back to you. >> independence blue cross is tightening the limits on new opioid prescriptions. they are limited to five days
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for initial low dose opioids. patients suffering from cancer related pain are covered for later terms and the big health insurers are trying to reduce the risk and keep unused medications from falling into the wrong hands. a canadian university is launching the largest study on the affects of lack of sleep on the brain. and they want you to join. enroll online and take a series of tests. including language and sleeping at various levels. we know few specifics on how to changes thinking, memory and consultation. >> the same technology that helps the military see through rubble could help heart failure opinions out of the hospital. and they are among 30 centers testing a vest that allows radar to see through the chest and track the fluid in the lungs. patients put on the vests and connect it to a tablet once a
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day and after a 90 second reading it sends the results to a cardiologist. >> the goal here is to see when the lungs are trending to be too wet and make adjustments on the medications on an outpatient basis. >> in a small study. heart failure cut emissions by 33% in the first months of use. seniors got answers to their prime concerns, tamala edwards panelled a discussion at senior health fair, a cardiologist and oncologist and therapist were there to talk about leading your best life even through changes that aging brings. why google is facing a multibillion dollar fine
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google is fashioning a $2.7 billion fine for skewing searches. they say that they unfairly
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steered customers to their shopping platforms when better deals were available. and violated eu anti-trust rules and google says they are trying to package search results to make it easier for users to fine what they are looking for. and a pop-up cafe at the drexel cafe. at 45 chestnut street. they are making espresso shots for the kickoff and all menu items are free or pay what you wish. and part of the leveraging program. >> a nonprofit that helps the disables has a base for their operations. "action news" was there at the king of prussia community options, helping to create job opportunities and housing for the disabled. to help more people in the area of king of prussia. some young scientists are
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testing their creativity. the four day adventure lets high schoolers learn from college professionals from building bridges to rocket launches and exploring the field of engineering. need an escape? the franklin institute has not one but two perfect solutions they unveiled two escape rooms. it's the most technologically advanced puzzle game in the city. choose the island or inter galactic themes. the first try at reality entertainment. >> hear great things but have not tried it yet. >> still to come a check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets take you living outside at sky 6 hd showing you the ♪
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time for the accuweather forecast tonight. meteorologist, cecily tynan, is here with tell us about the week. >> we have one more comfortable day and then the heat and humidity is making a come back. it's beautiful out there right now. lets head over to the weather center live on sky 6 hd the ben franklin parkway, notice the flag blowing in the breeze, we have a westerly wind sustained
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at 12 miles per hour. gusting up to 21 miles per hour so you know what tonight is a good night to do? walk the dogs. the dog walking forecast. i am a dog opener and i love this. temperatures hold in the 70s and it's a cute dog too. we drop into the 60s by 10:00. so go ahead and take your dog out for a long walk. great weather for walking the dog. >> we have to bring that dog back. cute dog, right now taking a look at temperatures, philadelphia 79 degrees and touched 80 earlier today the normal time is 86, refreshingly cool and the warm spot the atlantic city airport. the poconos 65 degrees and looking at temperatures dropping into the 40s in the poconos tonight. satellite and radar showing we had a few spotty downpours kind of washed the cars earlier and all the activity is lifting up to the north and tonight can't
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rule out the possible of an isolated downpour and generally we are look agent dry conditions and great evening to be outdoors and take advantage of it. the sun is setting tonight at 8:34, that is the latest sunset for the entire year. in a month's time not bad, 8:19 that is a dose of reality in two months the sun is setting at 7:39 as we head toward fall. tonight is feeling like fall. 59 in philadelphia allentown all wait down to 51 and cape may 61 and spotty shower is possible and most areas are dry and partly cloudy and cool and comfortable and tomorrow the pick of the week. low humidity again and loads of sunshine all day long and 9:00, 68 degrees and temperatures into the upper 70s by 3:00 and 5:00 should be a dry day. low humidity and then things change. taking a look across the region, 81 philadelphia and high
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allentown 80 and cape may 75 and trenton 79 degrees. mostly sunny and temperatures running 5 degrees below normal. tomorrow the pick of the week go outside and maybe walk your dogs and sunshine and 81 degrees, thursday though we get a southwesterly wind and that heats us up to 88 season the heat is on on friday. 91 and touching 92 again on saturday. afternoon thunderstorms hot and muggy on sunday and high of 90 will the heat continue for the 4th
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again rick is off tonight and brian taff joins us here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. the trump administration issues a stern warning to syria, cease any and all plans to carry out a chemical attack on his people or suffer the consequences. and a massive bucks county
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plant that sat vacant for years will be bustling with life and new opportunity soon. the trump administration is threatening that syria will pay a quote, heavy price if it follows through on the preparations for another chemical weapons attack. it does little to shake the confidence of the leader, bashar al assad expected russian fighter jets at a base. >> reporter: brian, this was a stern very public warning from the white house against bashar al assad and now the entire innational community is left wondering what will happen next. the white house is accusing the regime of syrian president bashar al assad of planning another chemical weapons attack on his own people and warns assad be prepared to pay a heavy price. >> our goal every day is to do what we can to protect life.
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>> according to the pentagon there appears to be preparations underway for a chemical weapon as tack similar to the one they carried out on january 4th. that one killed 70 people. and the air force base used in that attack is once again active. >> the activity the last couple of days is associated with chemical weapons handling at a known spot on that base, a known aircraft shelter used for chemical weapons. russia still has a presence at the base and a strong ally with assad. after the warning from the white house assad visited a russian base and sat in a russian jet. >> the syrian as long with their other close ally iran, says accusations they are planning a chemical attack are false. >> and the american ambassador to the u.n. is not buying it and
5:33 pm
take it's a step further. the goal is not just to send assad a message but to send russia and iran a message. >> the u.s. responded to that chemical weapon as tack in april way missile strike against assad. and now experts warn that this time the target could be even bigger. channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. iran's foreign minister says that the partial reinstatement of president trump's travel ban is misplaced and misguided added that the ban had no basis in fact and would not help fight terrorism. and the greatest gift to extremist groups that use it as a rallying cry. and now the latest on western wild fires, firefighters are saying that to battle a blaze they continue to tear up a rugged area east of los angeles, it grew 8 square miles overnight
5:34 pm
and only 10% contained. small communities are warned to be ready to evacuate and southern utah the nice's largest wild fire forced 1500 people from their homes. firefighters fighting the blaze near the brian head resort says it started when someone used a torch to burn weeds and now it burned 72 square miles. new york passengers suffered injuries when a train retailed in harlem today. two of eight cars when off the track and investigators are blaming a brake that triggered automatically as it approached the station. there were other trains in the tunnel at the same. and world news with david muir has more on the top stories including the wild fire battle out west and the warning issued to syria. back here at home a philadelphia police officer was
5:35 pm
hurt trying to arrest a woman on a vandalism spree last night. officers responded to the 6400 block of tulip street for a person smashing windows, when the officer tried to subdue the vandal and a scuffle broke out and the officer's hand was hurt in the process and they eventually use aid taser on the woman and she was taken into custody. this is video of a robbery in progress inside of the pantry one store on torresdale avenue on may 29th, that is shows one armed man with a handgun demanding money from an employee inside and another man stands lookout and both were seen getting in a car on marsden street. if you recognize either man in this video are you asked to contact police. a 20-year-old delaware man is recould having after he was shot multiple times during a home invasion robbery in camby
5:36 pm
park. police are looking for two suspects in the mill creek village complex at 11:00 last night. at tackers were able to get inside as his roommate was leaving the building. from our new jersey newsroom state police are crediting an alert driver with helping them catch a wanted fugitive. police stopped him after a might rift was saying he was driving erratically without headlights and they ran his information and saw he was wanted for forging checks and is waiting extradition to pennsylvania. gas workers in knowledge went through a training exercise and the goal is to be ready when a money strikes. pseg held an emergency drill going through all the motions as if they were responding to a gas leak. woodbury fire and police joined in on the practice run and signs were posted to alert reads that
5:37 pm
this was in fact only a drill. summer and spring are peak season for damage to gas lines. a big bucks county plant that was empty for a long time is now occupied. they celebrated the opening of the gma garnet plan. the 230,000 square foot build that housed the u.s. steel plant and brings 40 jobs not area and produced abracive material for the preparation of industrial surfaces. outstanding firefighters are being honor tonight in northeast philadelphia. firefighters have been promoted for doing a great job. they risk life and limb to save others in tough conditions. brian teal was there for the ceremony. it is time now ar i check of the "action news" traffic report tonight. let go live to matt pellman in the traffic center.
5:38 pm
>> reporter: we have seen firefighters out on the roads working on accidents and luckily no accidents on the schuylkill expressway believe it or not. i-76 by conshohocken and heavy traffic eastbound as you head into the conshohocken curve. now don't forget starting again at 9:00 tonight, both ways the blue route to 202, they could block lanes as they work on the new resurfacing project. and bucks county we have a crash at the wawa 13 bristol pike at green lane and chalfont they have the nasty wreck on business 202 northbound butler avenue. single digit speeds headed toward the accident scene. stick with upper state. and an apartment building fire giving us issues in worchester township and westbound lanes of german town pike. i would avoid that area and stay near ridge pike as an easy alternate.
5:39 pm
and brookhaven delco, a vehicle into the pole at 352. the pole was on fire earlier in mount laurel. so utility crews are on scene and the road is blocked off that being elbo lane and church road is a possible alternate. now is the chance to own a piece of philadelphia history. the stainless steel pedestal that held a famous love park statue. could belong to the highest bidder as required by law the highest bid is $140, there is at least one down fall to buying this 1700 pound statue stand, which is of course you have to move it on your own. >> that would cost more than $140 just moving it. >> what would you do with it? >> interesting. still to come on "action news" tonight. a police officer is going about
5:40 pm
his duties one second and then chasing his own cruiser the next. what led up to this peculiar scene. a story of a local man that answered the call of duty back in the 1940s and meteorologist, adam joseph, tracking the latest in the weather center. >> tracking sunshine and cool temperatures and a couple of showers out there and overall a nice day as we look at the almanac. 80 degrees is the high the normal is 86 and we are there one more day and bust back with humidity. i'll have the details in
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a huge explosion leveled this building in indiana and two first responders rushed two adults and a child after digging them out. we don't know the extent of their injuries. they are searching for two other people that may be inside of the home. in ohio a sheriffs deputy forgot to do something important. when pulling of your car.
5:44 pm
the deputy's cruiser started to roll away from him. after he failed to put the car if park. once he noticed the run away car he chased after it. and caught up with it and caught it before it entered the intersection. nobody was hurt but unclear if they will face disciplinary action or just the humiliation from his peers. >> probably both. jeff skversky is here with sports. talking sixers a lot of buzz around here. >> nba free agency starts and could they draw a big free agent. walking around philadelphia, sixers guard says he feels the buzz and excitement for sixers basketball from you the fans and the sixers don't tip-off the season for another four months. he tells 6 abc today he is work ougt with most of the team since early june and everyone is pumped for the most anticipated sixers season in more than a
5:45 pm
decade. he can't wait to play in front a soldout arena every night. >> it would be good to have a packed house and have a crowd excited to watch good basketball. over the last couple of year its was tough for fans to get into things because we have been inconsistent with good months be bad months and hopefully this year we put it all together. >> who can't get behind playoff talk. more from cast he'll oh and the hot team in town. after joel embiid got stubbed for rookie of the year, the sixers could be snubbed again. ball expected to lose. and the first ever second round pick to win the award and of
5:46 pm
course he played in only 31 games and check out how far embiid was off. this may surprise you. fromton had 237 votes more than embiid. the worst team in basketball is in seatle against carlos ruiz and the mariners. the current phillies are hard to watch but the future yes is bright. how about prospect scott kenry, in his lehigh valley debut the ridiculous catch take a look it comes with his first at bat in aaa after being called up last night. >> i was having a strong season so far and obviously it's a new challenge here and ready to get out here and see what i can dot obviously you want to move up and i hope i can keep my strong season going up here.
5:47 pm
>> he had the highest percentage in double a and comes up with another today. alonso ball the kid the lakers took second overall after markelle fultz did not have quite the day butte at staples center. check out this craziness, his out spoken father stole the spotlight again running out to the wrestling ring during wwe's monday night raw, alonso was nice and took the seat while pops popped off to the wrestler. >> listen to this -- >> you make me -- put your -- on man -- >> no no no. >> the voice of reason i can't believe i'm saying that phrase.
5:48 pm
>> if you think your parents embarrass you, how about that? that was his response telling the wrestler, you are not quite good enough to wear our big baller brand. a simple know may have worked. >> we have a future wwe star. thank you. >> a coast guard veteran from world war ii got his overdue military honors. nicholas was presented with medals he earned during his teem in the service decades ago, among the medals honorable discharge and service pins and the world war ii victory medal. >> wonder. i didn't think i would ever get anything like that. wonderful. thank you. thanks to all the people here for coming and thank you for helping me thank you. >> very wonderful to see. his family credits friends with breaking the paperwork log jam his family credits friends with breaking the paperwork log jam that held out the
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meteorologist, adam joseph tracking the accuweather forecast pretty comfortable out there. >> tonight it's chilly by the time we wake up tomorrow morning in the western suburbs and a nice day. the weather center stormtracker
5:52 pm
6 live double scan not finding much going on a thunderstorm in the parts of hunterdon county. overall a quiet evening right now and temperatures are very comfortable. and in fact it is in the 70s almost every location. the exception right now the atlantic city airport at 81 degrees, philadelphia 79 and we mimic that number in wilmington and millville and the lehigh valley your temperatures coming in at 73 degrees, as we look over the next eight hours or so. we start at 7:00 around the 79 degrees or so. as we move through time. 77 at 8:00. 9:00 a.m. 74 degrees and as we go into the overnight hours, 68 at midnight. 2:00 in the morning. going into the middle 60s. as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar there is energy that worked off to the north today. most of that did push into central and southern and north
5:53 pm
new england, sparking hail. a quick moving thunderstorm for many of us 2:00, 3:00 in the morning and some fired up through the afternoon overall, a quiet day outside of these storms here or there. for tomorrow mostly sunny high pressure comes in and a beautiful midweek, 80 degrees in kutztown and 81 in reading and close to 6 degrees or so below the average for time of year. upper 70s in easton a nice break from the summer heat and humidity combining here with the chance of storms, low humidity here berlin and glassboro, new jersey, and 81 degrees and middletown and salem will the 81 degrees, similar temperatures you won't see much variation depending where you are. light wind 6 to 12 miles per hour and a nice beach day temperatures in the middle 70s and a high burn index. we passed the summer solstice
5:54 pm
the sung angle is the highest and strongest this time of year. thursday though minor changes, high pressure goes off the coast ain southerly wind and moving the temperatures to 88 degrees and a touch more humid and by the end of the week. friday afternoon the heat index heading back into the low to mid-90s. across the area 94 philadelphia and 94 in wilmington and a little bit higher into the ent of the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast the pick of the week 81 and low humidity and sunshine and below average temperatures, breezy and warmer and 88 and a tad more humid on thursday, hot and humid friday and saturday. friday an isolated storm late in the day and more scattered around here on saturday. late in the day of 92, a left over storm on sunday and hot and muggy and temperatures 90 degrees and we kind of lose the humidity but not the heat at the beginning of next weekend right now the 4th of july looking hot
5:55 pm
and dry and maybe a late day storm coming in at 90 degrees. a break here and then the heat and humidity don't worry it make as i come back. >> not to fear thank you. this reminder you can get the latest forecast including details updates and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar any time on your phone or tablet. [vo] the grille is distinctive.
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but it's usually seen from the rear. the all-new audi q5 is here. right now jim gardner and the okay team standing by with these stories next at 6:00. the bandits police believe are behind robberies. sara bloomquist just spoke with two of the victims. and work has stopped at construction sites across the region. why union workers did not show up on the job today. for the entire "action n
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. it is tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news in the tioga nights town section of philadelphia. police are probing the discovery of human remains at 17th and west atlantic street. christie aleto is live on the scene. >> reporter: well it's an active scene as the medical examiners office is combing through the
6:00 pm
empty lot where human bones are said to be scattered throughout the dirt. they are focused on the area where the milk crate is and this abandoned suitcase where police say earlier this afternoon the human jawbone fell out of it. they were digging on the 1700 block of atlantic street and police tell us that the same contractors started to work out here on june 19th and discovered bones, apparently they didn't initially call police because they thought the first set of bones were animal remains but this discovery has residents that live here rattled. >> it's all of here and the leg is over there. >> they were tearing it down. and making something of it. you know, you see this here today it's crazy. >> now, police have called the excavator himself to return back to the


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